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Prograde Cravers Organic Chocolate Snack Bars
Try Prograde Cravers Snack Bars Here

Prograde Cravers

Organic Dark Chocolate,
Healthy Snack Bars

Feed Your Candy Cravings
without Blowing Your Diet

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SORRY: Cravers Have Been Discontinued


After hearing about Prograde Cravers snack bars ... and after seeing some rave reviews of them, I decided to order a box and try them out for myself.

Everyone seemed to love the Peanut Butter bars, so that's what I got at first.  And let's face it, chocolate and peanut butter go together like ... well, peanut butter and chocolate!  So I knew they were going to taste great. 

I've tried many other brands of nutrition bars in the past. Usually they have "questionable" ingredients, so I'm just not a real big fan of recommending "nutrition bars" to anyone. Basically they're just chalky "diet tasting" candy bars with cheap soy protein & vitamins thrown in. Blah.

Seeing that Prograde Cravers are 100% organic, I knew they'd make a great, quick protein treat for those times when you need to eat something and preparing a meal just isn't going to happen.

Once mine landed on my doorstep, and I was able to really check them out ... I'm not going to lie: they were a bit different that what I expected at first, but ... I gave it a lot of thought, and there is a really good reason to try Cravers... you'll see what I mean in a moment.

My First Impression of Prograde Cravers...

Prograde Cravers Nutrition Bar and Box

> Prograde Cravers come individually wrapped in boxes of 24 bars

> They're made from 100% organic ingredients that taste great  (I love the Spirulina flavor)

> Think of them more like a healthy snack bar & eat them as an occasional, tasty, chocolate treat

Try out Prograde Cravers healthy snack bars

Ok, so here's the deal.

When I think about healthy "nutrition" bars, I automatically think about a protein packed, vitamin & mineral enriched bar eaten as a replacement for a full cooked meal.

But looking at the Prograde Cravers package... I realized it was an organic chocolate snack bar and not quite the protein packed, meal replacement bar I first pictured.

I assumed that since they also consider them "nutrition" bars, that they would have a balance of nutrients inside (protein, carbohydrates,  fat, etc).

They have around 180 calories, 8 grams of fat, about 4 grams of protein, and a dose of 23 grams of carbs. A touch high if you're watching your carbs.

In other words, Prograde Cravers are sort of like really tasty, organic candy bars.

So, as long as you don't scarf them all down once you see how good they taste, they'd actually make a pretty good snack even if they're not a "meal replacement" like other bars out there these days.

Here's Why I Still Recommend Prograde Cravers

So even though I was a little dissappointed with the nutrition facts of Prograde Cravers, the quality & taste is fantastic. It really is.

Many times, regular protein / nutrition bars have that weird almost "medicine" taste to them ... the chocolate is kind of "chalky", and the cheap protein & sugars they put inside gives you gas all day long.

But Prograde makes these Cravers out of all natural ingredients that make it taste like you're eating an amazing treat at the fudge shop. They taste that good ... no joke.

For example, the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor reminded me of a mix between a Peanut Butter Cup and a no-bake cookie. The dark chocolate is smooth, and the inside is gooey & creamy with a little bit of crunch from the oats, brown rice crisps, and sesame seeds.  Yum.

The thing is, Prograde Cravers taste so good, and because they're fairly small (about the size of a cookie) ... I found it easy to eat a couple of them before I realized what I was doing.

Prograde Cravers Snack Bar
> Prograde Cravers don't have that "medicine" taste of regular nutrition bars, so you almost feel like you're cheating when you eat them.

> The picture above is almost life size. They taste amazing (try not to overeat them!)

> Prograde Cravers help you satisfy those killer chocolate cravings without crappy ingredients.

Satisfy a sweetooth without blowing your diet 
So, if you're careful to not overeat, these can make a great snack, especiallly since they don't have trashy ingredients in them that make you feel sick to your stomach or give you a headache.

Are Prograde Cravers healthy snack bars worth trying?

Prograde Cravers Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
> Cravers are a nice small treat, just try not to overeat them (they're so tasty, it's kinda easy. lol)

> Each Craver bar costs ~$2 (no cheap, junky ingredients) so they're high quality & taste great.

> I find that because of price and size, eating them as an occasional treat works best. (like going to a nice candy shop without the guilt)

As long as you don't go crazy and eat them all at once (I was tempted to at first!)... they make a great chocolate treat.

But, as a proud Prograde partner, I want to point something out to you:

Prograde Cravers bars run about $2 a piece ($49.95 for a box of 24) ... so you can see that they're not the cheapest snack bar out there. But they're not supposed to be.

Here's a trick I recommend trying out:

Use the price and size as a motivator to not pig out on your box of Cravers.

That way you can indulge in that "fancy candy shop" taste every once-in-a-while when those big chocolate cravings hit ... and you don't have to feel guilty about blowing your diet and go off on a wild junk food binge.

SORRY: Cravers Have Been Discontinued

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